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Back to the Dance Floor!

It was such an amazing feeling to be back on the competitive dance floor! Last weekend, my professional partner Timmy and I had the great pleasure of competing together again after many, many months away due to Covid. We were honored to dance in the professional rounds at the Elite Dancesport Competition in California and would like to thank Andre and Natalie Paramonov for running such a beautiful and wonderful competition.

Andre and Natalie easily navigated the new health and safety rules providing clear direction and a great level of comfort to all participants. The creativity in beautiful mask wear was very fun to see and we all now have a new vital accessory to pack in our traveling dance bag for competitions through the winter.

The pandemic has presented challenges for all of us in the dance community and day-by-day and week-by-week we have worked through new ways to continue our art and sport. Whether that is through virtual lessons or Covid-safe in-person instruction -- dancers must dance! The pure joy I felt returning to the competition floor is just as powerful as the satisfaction that I receive working with my students each week.

So, if you are already back to dancing or you never stopped, Congratulations! You are committing to health and happiness and not letting anything get in your way! If you are still holding back, let's talk! I am ready to help create a plan to get you back to dancing or to get you started in ballroom that will make you feel completely comfortable and safe.

Call me or email me today! I can't wait to meet you on the floor soon.


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tina eichner
tina eichner
18 oct. 2020

I have been dancing for a few years now and every time I have a lesson with Deannah she helps broaden my understanding and improve my movement by miles. An hour working with Deannah is a highly valuable use of time for dancers at any level! Whatever your level -- don't miss the opportunity to learn from her expertise.

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