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Can Virtual Dance Lessons Work for Me?

Winter is coming and cases of Covid are increasing. For some people, a return to the safety of home feels like the best choice right now, and they may also be thinking about cutting back on activities. If one of your activities is dance -- and if indeed you are a dancer -- I would suggest that you consider all options and make a plan before pausing your dance training (again) due to the pandemic.

Of course it is easier and "better" to be in person for lessons, but we have a learned a lot about navigating the virtual world these past several months, and with commitment and creativity, together we can continue to meet and exceed your dance goals.

I was able to put together a great set-up at my home earlier this year, with high-quality video and a reliable connection. If you can find even a small space at home where you can set up a computer, television screen or even your phone, that's all you need. Well -- you need one more thing. The commitment to schedule lessons, stick to the schedule, and practice in-between! Virtual lessons will be heavily focused on perfecting technique. You may not have a full ballroom to glide around for your lessons but with even a 5 foot by 3 foot space, you can do a lot more than you realize.

Many dancers have been talking about putting in the hard work and really advancing their dance skills through the pandemic. I believe that many dancers are successfully doing this and you should too! So if virtual dance lessons feel like the right thing for you right now, let's talk. I know that together we can design a great plan that will keep you dancing -- which is the most important thing!

Just keep dancing!


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