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Invest in Your Love This Valentine's Day

The clock is ticking! There are only a few days left to figure out the perfect Valentine's Day surprise for your partner. Don't get stuck with traditional and tired gifts like candy and flowers. Candy ends up on your hips and flowers quickly land in the trash. Even a night out at a fancy restaurant might not feel right this year as Covid lingers.

Think about your partner and how you want to express your feelings. What if you could give a gift that would last far beyond Valentine's Day and result in a deeper and more meaningful connection over time? There are few activities that require people to come together in pure connection and communication better than partnership dancing.

Think about it. You have set a time, scheduled a lesson, and made a commitment to spend time learning something together. You have cleaned yourself up. You smell good and you are wearing something special. The experience is new for both of you and together you will explore this new activity. The lesson will require you to deeply listen, respond to each other, connect, and feel. The dance works because of what each person brings to it. And it will be better through time spent practicing your new skill together.

Through dancing you will release endorphins, get your heart beating, and very likely find yourself smiling and laughing. The satisfaction of strengthening your partnership by learning something together and growing and improving is better than any couples therapy. And what is more romantic that dancing? Holding each other, and moving together to the music! Your Valentine's gift this year will bring returns for years to come as you are able to dance together at special events and occasions or at dance clubs. Even your living room makes a great dance floor for countless future romantic evenings!

So don't hesitate any longer! Get your Valentine's Dance Lesson package today for only $99. Call me at 720-355-5471 by Feb. 14 to book your first lesson.

See you on the floor,


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