We can teach anyone to dance. Yes, even you!

Lessons offered throughout the Denver area.

"Deannah has changed our dancing. She is helping us with technique, but perhaps even more notably, has truly helped us learn the character and signature style of each dance. Plus, lessons are always fun!"

Peter & Tracey Bain

"Deannah is the best ballroom teacher in the Denver area! After first taking lessons with Jennifer Booth I started working with Deannah. I particularly enjoyed the more physical aspect she gives to dancing. Demonstrating steps and technique through physically putting me in the right positions often helps immensely."                                                 Harald Stark

"Deannah is the most skilled and personable instructor I’ve known! She is patient, personable, and perceptive. "  

Dave Bouwer

"I enjoy working with Deannah. I can see improvement, and that is a direct response to her teaching. I  really enjoy my dance lessons, and that keeps me going back."

Jeremy Kott

"We started taking lessons from Deannah by accident. We have continued taking lessons from her for over seven years because she treats us with respect and pushes us to improve. When we have difficulty doing what she want us to do, she explains the movement in different ways and never loses her patience. We have often seen her dance socially, in competitions, and in performances, and it is obvious that she is a great dancer. She is competitive with the best dancers in the country, and in performances our attention is drawn to her over everyone else. It is a pleasure to learn from an expert."

Dick and Frieda 

"Deannah has so much talent, and she loves to dance! She is passionate about helping others improve their skills and confidence."

Sherri Hansen

We are, by nature, social creatures. We rely on interaction with others to make common cause, to feel worthy and needed, to develop and maintain relationships and friendships.
If you’ve ever seen a dance competition, or even an episode of the wildly popular dance shows such as “Dancing With The Stars”, “So You Think You Can Dance?”, or “Americans Got Talent”, you probably couldn’t help but notice the confidence and ‘swag’ that these dancers carry on and off the dance floor.
Personalized. Instructional. Memorable.
Our Special Occasion Dances are created just for you! Lets us help you find the confidence and teach you the skill to show off your elegance, style and personality.
Wedding Dance. Anniversaries. Sweet 16s. Dance Performances to suit the theme of your event
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  • Free Consultation & 3 Private lessons

    $70 per Package

 About Me

Deannah Strashnikova was born and grew up in Bulgaria, Europe. She began practicing Dancesport at the age of six and started competing a couple of years later.

She is a Standard and Latin Champion and a Finalist in many European Ballroom competitions. 
Deannah graduated from the National Sports Academy in Bulgaria as a Dancesport coach and moved to the United  States in 2008. She is a certified dance instructor in 4 styles  (International Latin and Standard and American Smooth and Rythym).  For many years Deannah was a dance instructor and the Dance Director at Booth Dancesport Ballroom. Deannah Strashnikova is an American Rhythm and Smooth Professional dancer and has been a Finalist in many American competitions.

Deannah's passion is sharing her vast knowledge with people and showing them the amazing world of dance.

Contact Me

Joyful Ballroom Event Center

3695 W. 72nd Ave.

Westminster, CO 80030


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