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Don't lose focus

As we all prepare for the holidays with our loved ones, with different plans than normal in many cases, I wanted to send a reminder that while our world is restricted and quiet right now, everything could change very soon. Vaccines are being given this week across the United States and Covid numbers are dropping in some parts of the country including here in Denver.

Remember what happened last spring? After being on lock down for most of the spring, in the summer our world began to open up again. For dancers that meant that we were able to resume some in-person training and some competitions were even held. Not everyone was ready, but for those who were, we grabbed some precious chances to dance!

No one knows when and how things might return to normal in the New Year, but they will. So don't lose focus! Keep dancing in your hallway and your kitchen. Train and exercise your body. Take virtual lessons and watch videos. Give yourself the gift of prioritizing your art this holiday season and do what you can to prepare for the 2021 dance season. Don't lose heart and don't lose focus!

We will be dancing again soon. Will you be ready?



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